Coop Finland's main goals

The main goals can be divided into two objectives: supporting small cooperatives and bettering the position of cooperative developers:

  • endorsing small cooperatives
  • helping the development of professional skills in management and membership of small cooperatives
  • developing better business practices for small cooperatives by building cooperative networks and consortia
  • enhancing the juridical position of small cooperatives


  • representing the cooperatives in relations to public authorities and other stakeholders
  • bettering the standing of cooperative business advisers
  • supporting the development of skills of the cooperative business advisers
  • promoting communication amongst cooperative business advisers
  • strengthening the juridical and professional standing of cooperative development in Finland

International activities

To attain it's objectives Coop Finland participates in international and European research and development projects involving small cooperative enterprises.



Coop Finland's lists in it's membership about 50 individuals and about 70 small cooperatives represented mostly by Coop Finland's regional member associations.

Supporting members are Confederation of Finnish Cooperatives (Pellervo Seura ) and KSL Civic Association for Adult Learning (Kansan Sivistystyön Liitto ry).


Coop Finland